Immersed in the Mindscape

Inspiration is born from the uniqueness of being

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere, the deepest miserable depths of one’s life to the most trivial of issues like the missus never being able to get ready or turn up on time; the former used as a springboard for the supernatural thriller novel “When Evil Wins”, and the latter used for the kid’s humorous fantasy in the Brave Dave series, “The Time Goblin”, and the need to explain how time gets gobbled up for no apparent reason.

Other stories like “The Suburban Weekend That Wasn’t”, are included in Writers Anonymous’ anthology, “Toxic Legacy” (available now), a single word crystallised the idea leading to a ten thousand word short story; strangely (or not) the word was “Urban”.

Even dreams have become the inspiration behind stories and verse, but mainly verse, as you may be able to tell from the title of one of my poems; “Weird, Weird Dream”.

Finally there’s requests, like my granddaughter Sophie asking for a poem about an orange Dachshund!

And the artist behind all the illustrations in the Brave Dave series, Ralph Platt, who asked for one of the Brave Dave books to be called; “Brave Dave and the Space Oddity”, which was finished in November 2015.

Many things can inspire and just the other day I was considering Facebook’s capability for face recognition, enabling Facebook to tag anyone of its subscribers in any picture that is uploaded, and I thought; “What would happen if a person woke up in the morning to see themselves appearing in the background of every single news story on every single TV channel around the world? How would this affect the person?”

To be honest I have no idea, but I think it would make a great story, possibly something I will get around to writing one day.