Spoof news for the times. 2021

covid lockdown masks authoritarianism socialism

Daily Rimmor, the news for the times.

Weird times; corona virus, aka COVID, and lockdowns, masks, authoritarianism, socialism, communism, all seem to be happening, right now.

On occasion things happen in the world that affect everyone negatively.

During these times the light in life can be snuffed out by the stress of the situation. This is when a lighter perspective can help. In this vein I’ve created a fictitious newspaper, called the Daily Rimmor, to cover 2020 using levity and satire.

Saturday 16th JanuaryMore Lockdowns

Saturday 23rd JanuaryCorona Bonus Announced

Wednesday 10th FebruaryOutrage at Rightwing Thinktank’s Poisonous Policy Brief

Friday 19th FebruaryUK Wide Curfew Announced

Saturday 7th AugustTories Legislate Mandated Vaccinations

Monday 13th SeptemberNational Health Force Mooted

Saturday 2nd OctoberUK Government Extends Emergency COVID Powers

Sunday 3rd OctoberVulnerable Not Protected

Saturday 9th OctoberNew China Trade Deal Building On £134BN UK Investment

Thursday 28th OctoberLogicectomies

Saturday 6th NovemberFrom Net Zero to Gross Zero

Saturday 20th NovemberJavid to Criminalise The Unjabbed

Saturday 27th NovemberVaccination In Utero Promise