Fiction for Adults

Me tooAlthough I enjoy writing kids’ fantasy fiction, adult fiction is another area of writing I enjoy immensely; to dabbled in the darker side of life is awesome – the things you can do! (all fictionally of course.)

I have written many horror fiction works, mostly flash fiction and short stories. The majority appear in the collections by the writing group Writers Anonymous; a group I started in 2006/7 as a continuation of the adult education creative writing courses I’d attended, mainly because, after the group was told the course was being dropped from the curriculum, some of us wanted to continue. At the beginning 2016 I decided to retire from the Writers Anonymous group to focus more attention on what I wanted to achieve for my writing.

At this moment in time I have 2 full horror novels published, those being; “When Evil Wins” and “Centurion”. I also have many novellas, most included in my anthology “Dark Matters”, but not all.

When Evil Wins

Despite a traumatic childhood in Poland culminating in the suicide of his mother and the resulting emigration to England with his father Andrzej, Janus Malik’s life is OK – until his works are picked up by a publishing house and his face is plastered across billboards up and down the country.
One by one his friends and colleagues suffer strange fatal and near fatal accidents. When the police decide he’s the prime suspect Janus has to act to discover who, or what, is behind the bizarre and horrific accidents.
Using gifts inherited from his mother Janus strives to uncover the truth before he is locked up as some kind of murderer.


A live event at Gosbecks Manor, run by paranormal TV show, That’s My Ghost!, opens a portal to the past, and the spirit realm of the Celts.
The show’s medium becomes possessed by the spirit of a centurion, whose only goal is to kill the last remaining descendent of the Celtic warrior who’d murdered his general.
Unknown to Mark Royce he is that last remaining descendent—and he’s sitting in the audience.

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