Vet Nurse Tilly

Vet Nurse Tilly jumps into her car
Then drives from Leigh, to counties afar.
Looking for animals who are ill and ailing
Cows that can’t moo, and birds with no sing,
Colonies of ants who can no longer handstand,
And three legged zebras without any bands,
Grey coloured Chameleons with their colour all lost,
And other sorry animals, all ill to their cost.
Then Vet Nurse Tilly arrives with her bag,
And pulls out a cloth and wipes the tear from a stag.
She opens a bottle and pours it into the cow.
Who can now moo loudly and even manage a meow
She takes a circus pamphlet from inside her holdall
And teaches the ants flea-taming – they’re so happy it’s so cool.
She picks up a pill box and it opens with a ping.
And the birds start to twitter tweep now they’ve all got their sing.
And finally a paint pot for the lizards so bland,
Splashing them with loud colours; their tails, heads and hands.
And now Vet Nurse Tilly’s finished for the day
So jumps in her car and turns her sub up full play
And then off she shoots, to which land, no one knows.
But she’ll be back when her animals, need her so.