Tip #1. Proofing your Work

It’s very simple – you have Adobe’s PDF reader software installed – most computers do. Click here on how to get this vital software, it’s free.

Here’s how Adobe PDF reader is going to help you;

  • Save your work as a PDF file
  • Double click on the PDF file (should open in Acrobat Reader)
  • Select “View” from the menu.
  • Select “Read Out Loud”.
  • Select “Activate Read Out Loud”
  • Select “Read Out Loud” and then your preferred reading option.

This is good enough for private proof reading, and you can be assured your computer will read what you’ve written, not what you think you’ve written. You will pick up a lot of necessary corrections in this way.

So that’s the “bronze” method – no cost.

The “silver” method – a little bit of cost.

I recommend Clarosoftware’s Word Read, not a lot of money – around £70, and allows you to record anything written, as a voice in an audio file. It also allows you to update pronunciations, to change how the software talks, making the pronunciations “right”
Furthermore, you can choose the style of voice you wish – female or male, American or British – other voice styles are extra.