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JSWA-logo#2-for-websiteFor you to use JSWA as your publisher, i.e. the purchase of a single ISBN, means you’ll have to pay £20. This covers the cost of the ISBN and the administrative work that will be required of JSWA to facilitate the contacts between all enquiries, whether they be book wholesalers, or any other contact, and you. Again, it’s unfortunate, but the initial contact (from whomever) will have to be through JSWA. After that point then it’s all up to you as JSWA will handover your discussions to you, for you to manage. Result! – like your work where you have full control, you’ll have full control over your dealings with the publishing industry – JSWA will not be after anything you make; the fee, as mentioned – £20 – is it. 🙂

There is more; barring the commercial stuff, JSWA is looking to create a community of fiction writers with the goal to publish, publicise and sell their works; then, where possible, use the income to promote the written word through writers and readers.

Why? It’s simple. The world is getting more communicative with the not so recent advent of social media. It is in the interests of those in charge to obfuscate all information.

The world needs a society of literary accomplished (it would be better that all are) because it will only be those with the communication skills that will be able to temper the desires of the establishment.

JSWA promotes the attainment of literary accomplishment.

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